Help support us on our journey to keep the Flitch Green Community Centre from being passed over to a Private Company.
Helping to support us, in turn, will benefit our community, our children and further generations to come with free fun activities for the kids of today and events being held in return to bring our community together.

You choose how much you would like to donate, it can be as little as 1p or as much as £1. All donations are greatly received and all help in supporting us.


Donations help us to keep the community doors open to businesses, since we are a 'Charity Trust' we rely on the community for support. There is no minimum amount and no 'monthly contract'. It is a one off payment and you set the amount you would like to donate.

Giving Back

Donations help us to keep the doors open and in return we will hold events to give back to the community.

Non Profitable

We are a Non-Profitable organisation, so we do not earn anything on donations you give, 100% of your donation goes straight into the Flitch Green Community Hall.