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Does your emotional suitcase feel too heavy to lift?

If it does, it may feel something like this:

  • Overwhelming
  • Like relationships are strained or breaking down
  • It has become difficult to voice what you need
  • Feels like you have lost your way

When we feel like this everything tends to feel really heavy and sad.  Our problems may seem all jumbled up, or even that they are growing bigger and unmanageable by the day.  Our unresolved past experiences may be nagging at us again, or it may be about something that is new and in the present.

So, you may need some help to:

  • Unpack that case
  • Sort through the contents
  • Find clarity

We are all human beings and relationships are an important part of our lives.  We all have a drive to belong.  Relationships can bring us happiness and fulfilment, but when they go wrong it can feel like everything is just falling apart.

We can have relationships with everything and everyone, including ourselves. Life events, stress and even the way we think about ourselves can affect our relationships.  Sometimes when these become difficult, break down, or we lose someone, we may feel confused, lost, angry, or sad. We may begin to experience anxiety or depression and we may not understand our thoughts, feelings or behaviour.

Sometimes it may be very difficult to talk about this with family or friends, or maybe we just don’t want to.

So, if any of this resonates with you, then you are in the right place…….

About Me

One of my counsellors helped me with my own emotional suitcase. Years later I decided that I would take my own experiences and work with people to help them find the clarity they were looking for.

Sounds all very simple doesn’t it?

But it was a journey.  Along this journey I gained a huge amount of self-awareness. Self-awareness is a powerful thing and in working with me I am hopeful that you will feel the same.  It’s not that life’s arrows won’t hit us again, because they will, it’s having the knowledge and resilience to overcome them when they do and to be able to approach life with a different perspective.

I believe our past has an influence on how we are in the present and that counselling can enable us to come to terms with what we have experienced in our lives.

Whilst you work with me you will have a safe, non-judgemental and confidential space to work all this out.

How do you know I am qualified?

On the website you can see my qualifications.  My course was integrative, which means that I have studied a variety of counselling theories, because not one size fits all. I am also a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and I work to their ethical guidelines.

I have had formal bereavement training with Farleigh Hospice and volunteered for 18 months.  I have also worked for METRO HIV Charity and with people suffering from HIV.  Here I volunteered for a year.  I have also worked with people who feel lost, or just want to understand why they think, feel and behave the way that they do.

Continued professional development (CPD) is something that I am passionate about and I take up various training courses throughout the year.  Not only is CPD so important for a counsellor’s future growth, it is part of my registration requirement to the BACP.  At present I am also studying for my Foundation Degree In Counselling.

About Counselling

Counselling is considered to be a talking therapy.  A trained therapist will listen to whatever you choose to bring to the session and works with you so that you can find your own solutions to whatever is painful for you.  What counsellors won’t do is tell you what to do.

It is your time to work through what may be keeping you stuck, so that you can then move forward.  Sometimes in our busy lives we don’t get the time to think, or to process anything.  We are rushing from one thing to another.  Maybe we have a demanding family or job, or maybe we just need a trained therapist to be with us as it feels too difficult to face alone.  In counselling you will have this space, free from interruptions, to focus on you.  It’s your time for self care.

So, if you have decided that counselling is something that you would like to try, you may be feeling very anxious about opening up to someone you don’t know. This is a big and important first step and if you haven’t had any counselling before it may feel really difficult.  So, apart from looking for a counsellor who holds the right qualifications, it is important that you feel comfortable with them.  If you don’t, it is unlikely that you will be able to open up fully.

If you would like someone to help you with your emotional suitcase, or would like to read my blogs and FAQ then head over to the website.  If you would rather contact me in confidence, please do, either by email or my mobile number.

Website :   www.willowsidecounselling.co.uk

Facebook :  @willowsidecounselling

Phone :  07553528096

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Jane Jiggens MBACP, Dip.Couns

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