We Need Your Input

Funding Opportunity

The Trust is constantly looking at opportunities to be able to improve our facilities for the use of the community. As most of the community will know, we are a not for profit charity and always looking for funding from outside organisations, this then allows us to invest into the future of the Centre and the facilities to make sure that they are usable in many ways and here for many years to come.

We have discovered a funding opportunity, called power to change,
in order to be able to invest in a huge way!!

What we are considering is exactly that, we are at the consultation
stage and nothing is a given or decided and we are asking for your feedback in order to move forward on decisions that need to be
made as a community as a whole.

What we would like to propose?

We would like to build a function suite with a fully functioning Bar, where the lower roof of the community centre currently sits.

If our application is successful we would like to consider operating a cafe during the day and licensed bar during limited evenings (limited times) in the week. This would clearly drive revenue for the trust in order to reinvest into the facilities, it would provide a licensed alternative to the larger hall and would add a place to meet and have a coffee or a drink for our community, which clearly we are lacking at the moment. We would propose that the bar would be members only, which would be a nominal annual fee, open to all the community within our village.

We Need Your Input

Always looking to improve our community